Sunday, July 13, 2008

Camera Critters

Want to share your pictures of animals? Check out the weekly Camera Critters meme.

Well, I did it. I finally caught the garden-nibbler in action. Not a squirrel or a cat or any critter on 4 legs. Birds! I looked out the window one day and finally saw what had been eating things in my garden. And of course instead of immediately going out and scaring them off I had to hurry and get a pic lol. Could have got a better pic too if the boys hadn't run out and scared them off :)

I now have a little flashy wind wheel thing out there to hopefully keep them away and it seems to be working. As much as I like wildlife, I don't want them in my garden! :)


Unknown said...

Oh Kara I've had a difficult week and I loved your boys and neat little garden and the thieves !1Have abetter than average week!! sandy

bcmomtoo said...

Birds? I always think it's good when the birds are out at the garden because I think they're eating the bugs. I guess I better keep a better eye on them.

Gretchen said...

Nice photo! I'm jealous of a garden. We have no room for one and I do miss fresh veggies. :(