Monday, July 21, 2008

Not just for teeth

So, want to see what mess Jakey made today? I swear I can't take my eyes off these kids for even a minute without them creating some big mess. You know how it is when suddenly the house gets too quiet? And you're like, "Oh crap, what are they doing now?!" Yeah, so that happened to I went upstairs to see what the boys were doing and found Jakey sitting on my bathroom counter covered in toothpaste.

It was all over everything- mirror, sink, faucets, saline solution, toothbrushes caked in it, that cup had an inch of toothpaste in it. And he'd had a shirt on before I took the pic and it was completely covered too. Luckily toothpaste is not too bad to clean up, and actually works pretty good as a cleaner itself lol. I threw Jakey in the shower while I wiped everything down. I'm still not happy he wasted almost a whole tube of toothpaste, but at least I can laugh about the mess. Just as long as he doesn't do it again.

I think it's naptime.


Anonymous said...

I always catch my daughters eating the toothpaste!

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness! This is TOO funny, well considering it was YOUR kids and not mine that did it. *LOL*