Sunday, July 27, 2008

Techy Phones

It amazes me how quickly cell phones have become so widespread, and how fast they change. Before I got married just 5 years ago I had no need for a cell phone, but when I got married Hubby had one. A blue Nokia something-or-other, no texting, no internet, just talking. Since then we've gone through 4-5 different phones, and each one gets even more techy. Back then with my old Nokia I couldn't have imagined what the newer Nokia N810 and similar phones would be like. I had no idea even 5 years ago that in such a short time phones would be capable of emailing, GPS, searching the Internet, and so much more. They are like little computers these days. We don't have one of those fancy palm pilots or handhelds, just a good phone that can text and has internet capabilities that we rarely use. We bought our phones just last year and they already seem so out of style. I really like my sister's phone, it has a cool flip screen and mini-SD drive for pictures so you can actually take the pics directly from the phone to your computer (I'd have to pay $5/month to be able to transfer my pics from camera to computer). But I'm patient, we only get new phones when it's time to renew our contract so we can get the good ones for cheaper, so it may be a few more years before we get some fancy little mini-computer phone, but we will eventually. You know, when they go out of style :P

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Anonymous said...

I also never had a cell phone until I was married either. We just shared the phone my husband had before.