Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Did something productive today

I got around to cleaning the playroom again today. I really hate cleaning that room. I usually don't get much help from the boys. Amazingly Jason was actually a good helper today, but Jakey would not help hardly at all and ended up being sent to his room because I was getting so frustrated with him. I went through and took a bunch of toys out of their that were just getting thrown around instead of played with. Now they are in the storage room/office and I need to find a box to put them in. Hopefully that will help keep the playroom from getting so messed up, though I'm sure all you moms know the crazy phenomenon where kids can make a giant mess with the smallest amount of stuff lol. One of the biggest messes was Jason's art stuff, especially the papers that were getting thrown everywhere. I went through and sorted out all the used papers to put in the recycling box (though I actually saved a few little notebooks he'd colored in to look back on) and put the unused papers in a drawer with the crayons. Looks so much better without the "paper corner" down there. Anyway, we'll see how long my efforts last.

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