Sunday, July 27, 2008


One thing I hate about the postal service here (whether USPS or UPS or FedEx) is that whenever we get a package, instead of knocking on the door for us to get it, or leaving a note for us to come pick it up, they always leave the shipping boxes under the edge of our door mat for us to find. For one, I don't go out the front door a lot, so they can sit out there for a day or two before I finally realize it's there. And two, anybody could come along, notice a huge bulge under the mat, and steal my package. It is just unprofessional to leave a package just sitting there in my opinion. If I lived in a quiet little cul-de-sac like I used to then I wouldn't mind so much, but with our house on a busy street with lots of people going by it bugs me quite a bit. We had a package of new checks just left there one day, now that is completely unsafe in my opinion. Something like that should ever just be left on someone's porch because if someone stole that it could have caused huge financial problems. I would much rather have to go pick it up at the post office than risk someone stealing my packages.

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Anonymous said...

That really is unprofessional of the shipping companies. I am surprised they would do that.