Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Been a good day

So, I didn't really do much on my to-do list. Actually I don't think I did any of it lol. Oh wait, I did get the boys to help clean the playroom earlier, but you can't even tell now lol. And I did clean the downstairs bathroom too, I almost forgot. So I guess I wasn't completely lazy lol. I'm sure I'll get dishes done before bed.

I even got to nap today! :O Jakey slept for 2.5hrs which is unheard of lately, since he normally naps for maybe an hour. And Jason fell asleep watching a show too, so it was quiet and I got to sleep for an hour or so. Love days when I get a nap :)

Tomorrow I might go clothes shopping with my sister. I need to see if I have the money first, but I really need some new clothes, especially shirts. I only have a few maternity shirts and am pretty much outgrown my regular shirts, they keep riding up my belly lol. I guess I should post a new belly pic on here for all of you who want to see. :) I took one last week so I'll do that later.


Anonymous said...

I know what ya mean about clothes. I refused to spend too much money on maternity clothes since this WILL be my last time to be preggers. I got a few and I'm just making due. It's so freakin' hot here, who wants to wear clothes! *sigh*

Amanda said...

aww yay for belly pictures.