Monday, July 07, 2008

Baby clothes

So, I don't need much for this baby since we already have boy stuff. But that doesn't stop me from wanting to look at every online baby boutique store I see. There are so many cute things I want! I need to go through my boys' old clothes to see what is still usable before I even consider buying any baby clothes. There are a few things we will need, like a new swing and diapers, but those aren't nearly as fun to buy as cute little outfits lol.


Michelle said...

I know what you mean! You know, you could accidentally give away all the old boy clothes and then you could get all new ones. It'd be an accident of course. Who could blame you? ;)

Dawn said...

I have a serious baby clothes addiction. What's really bad is when I had no girl I desperately wanted to buy girl clothes and now I am in love with some of the baby boy clothes out there! So I can easily see why you're so in love with them!

Amanda said...

aawww, well I am sure he will need lots of stuff, not all the clothes are saveable I am sure.

So are you putting all the boys together? or doing one room for the baby or will he be with you in your room?

ohh I can't wait to get pregnant, altough I would LOVE #3 to be a boy... but it's not like I get to choose now do I. LOL.

Any chances they could be wrong on the sex? Do you think you wills top at three or just see waht HF has in store for you guys?