Monday, October 22, 2007

Monday Madness

So after my great weekend I just need to do some cleaning and relax. It is strangely quiet without the boys here and I get bored a lot easier. Little Baby is taking a nap so I really could just try to nap too. Weird. Actually I have one hat to finish crocheting so I can mail them off today. Should only take me an hour or two to get it done. I also need to fold laundry since I never got that done before we left last week. And I might watch some movies I DVR'd last week while I crochet, since I don't need to watch cartoons all day lol. I hope my boys are having a good time with my family.


Kate said...

I hope it's a wonderfully relaxing day for you! :)

Rachel said...

Isn't it crazy how you can still miss them even when you really need a break. I hope your week is nice and relaxing.

Danielle said...

The boys are doing great! We love them so so much. Its pretty crazy watching two of them now. This is the first time having Jacob with us. We are watching Nemo and when Jacob wakes up from his nap with Josh,hehe, we will go outside and play. Have fun!