Wednesday, October 17, 2007

New Cell Phone!

Hubby and I finally went to get new cell phones tonight. His hasn't worked for months because the charger was broken and the battery was really bad. And he lost mine a few days ago and we can't find it anywhere. So, since we'd been planning to get new phones soon anyway we went ahead and got them tonight. We both got the Sanyo Katana II. Mine is pink, I love it! Unfortunately I lost all my cell phone numbers that were in my old phone and don't have them memorized so I can't call anyone! Not that I called people very often anyway, but still. Hm, wait, now I have a good excuse not to call people! The only ones I can remember right now are my mom and Hubby, and that's what matters right? I think I remember Michelle's, but need to double check with her.


Michelle said...

Now I know how much I'm loved. *cry*

Hey, I think it's good that you *think* you might know my number. lol So you get credit for that. :D I'm glad you got new phones, that's so fun! You'll have to show me next time we get together.

Anonymous said...

Very cute phones. I finally got a cell phone recently, and it's a Sanyo that's red. I love it!

Danielle said...

That is a way cute phone. Its a lot like my phone.