Wednesday, October 10, 2007


By now all my regular readers should know that I love being able to make money on my blog. Well, yesterday I was just reading through my feeds and saw a few bloggers who had joined Bloggerwave. It is a new company where you get paid to post reviews, opinions, and buzz about products or sites. And it was so easy and quick to get started. I signed up yesterday and am already approved, less than 24hrs later. Go check it out!


Sherry said...

i did this, but what does "compare your ranking with the job's ranking"... mean? Did you see this?
"Ranking" is not mentioned anywhere in the FAQs and ther eis no help. what do you think? thx

Kara said...

I'm not sure, I wish they had more explanations for how everything works, or a forum where we could chat about it to find out. Hopefully they will get something like that set up.

Melissa said...

I have gotten a few jobs with them. I haven't gone to their site for a long time I should go check it out again.

Anonymous said...

Yup, I was a bit confused when I signed up for them as well. In doing some research it looks like they might be relaunching due to some technical difficulties (people not getting paid on time) previously. Hopefully they are right on track now and we'll all make some cash with them!