Friday, October 19, 2007

Cute Kitties

Here are the kittens at 3.5 weeks old. They are so adorable, and getting more active. I had to make them a box with higher sides cuz the biggest one kept climbing out. He's my favorite. The runt is doing good, still half the size of the others, and his fur is getting a lot more white in it so he's not all black like the others. Toddler and Baby love to see the kitties, but Baby is not gentle at all so we keep them apart as much as possible. I told Hubby I want to keep my favorite one, but he's not in agreement. Of course once they grow up I don't like them much either lol, I just want them to stay little kittens forever :D


Misty DawnS said...

I want the runt! Is it a girl or a boy? Since it is getting the white in it, it is really starting to look like my Mokey and Mini-Moke!

*Marie* said...

We had a stray and pregnant mama kitty show up at our house. Since we couldn't turn her away like that, we ended up with lots of cats. The kittens were born, and I was in heaven. They were so cute and warm and snuggly and playful and I just wanted to keep them all. Thankfully, my husband is very reasonable, and talked me out of it. We kept two of them, and love every minute of it. But they are almost grown up now. Enjoy them while you can!