Wednesday, October 03, 2007


I'm a hopeless romantic at heart, cheesy love stories and chick flicks make me so lovey dovey. My Hubby can be pretty romantic too when he wants. He used to always surprise me with flowers and chocolates for no reason. Here's one particularly sweet thing he did for me that made me love him so much. We were both still in college, living in a nice little basement apartment. Toddler was a little over a year old and I was pregnant with Baby. On top of being a mom and part time student, I was also working a full-time graveyard shift while pregnant. For about 2 months I lived on about 2hrs of sleep a day since the time I was at home I was watching Toddler while Hubby worked full time and went to school full time. It was rough, I had to be on my feet all night and lifting things a lot. I'd come home completely exhausted with about an hour to eat breakfast and get ready for school. Normally Hubby would still be asleep when I got home. One morning I cam home and hubby had made me a delicious breakfast and had the table all set with candles and roses. It was so wonderful and sweet and I will never forget it. Now it's a bit harder for us to find time to be romantic with two little kids and work and everything, but for those of you like me we can still find romance by getting lost in good Romance Novels. I love to read and a good romance is great for helping me feel romantic in my own relationship. offers a wide variety of romance novels for you to get lost in.

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