Sunday, October 28, 2007

Mail time

For some reason I love getting the mail, it makes me happy to see stuff in our mailbox, as if somebody really cares about us lol. But these days you hear all kinds of stories about identity theft and how people can get information from your mail. I get nervous putting stuff to send out in our mailbox, cuz who's to keep somebody from coming by and stealing it? Sometimes I wish we had cbu mailboxes, the ones that lock so only the mailman and the owner can get into it. Of course I'm pretty sure I'd lose my key and never be able to get my mail lol. Of course I'm glad to have a mailbox at all. At our last apartment the mail came to our landlord's box that went into his garage so we had to wait until they were home and brought ours down to us. That was a pain when we were waiting for money or something that we needed asap, sometimes if they weren't home I'd have to sneak upstairs and get our mail.

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