Tuesday, October 16, 2007

So lazy

I feel like I have been on the go all day, but I really haven't gotten much done. I mean, of course I was at Michelle's house from 11am-3pm so that took a good chunk of the day, but I really haven't done anything since then. I have done zero cleaning, though I promise I will get the dishes done before bed. And I really did mean to get those pumpkin hats done today, but I just plain forgot (sorry Dawn and Emily! They will get done soon!). I just don't know how I can feel like I haven't had more than a few minutes to sit down, when I haven't done anything?! I have made dinner, picked up a box of thumbtacks that got scattered on the floor (twice), changed a few diapers, and... um... and... hmm... yep, that's all :P


Michelle said...

I'm sorry being at my house took out such a big chunk of your day. I can and will repay the favor. I can come help you on Friday or Saturday.

Dawn said...

It's ok, in 5 years you'll remember the day at Michelle's and not that the house was messy while you were there! :)

I'm amazed that thumbtacks were spilled twice and didn't injure someone, I got a small peice of plastic in my foot tonight and it hurt! Of course i can't see the floor, so that's probably why that happened...LOL

Kara said...

Michelle- I didn't mind being at your house that long, really :D I'm sure if I'd been home I wouldn't have been doing anything lol.