Monday, March 05, 2007

Monday Madness

Today we've already gotten off to a busy start. We had to run a few errands. So I threw on some clothes, got the kids changed, fed, and dressed, loaded me, the boys, the diaper bag, and library materials into the car and got out of the house before 9:20am. Now considering most days I'm not even dressed by 9am, that's a big thing for me. And yes, there was much grumbling and muttering under my breath at stupidpeoplewhoneedtogetthingsearlyinthemorningandmakeuswithkidsandnot-
enoughsleepdrivearoundtownfornogoodreasonblahblahmumblegrumble. First we headed to the carpet cleaner place to drop off the carpet cleaner we rented over the weekend (and my carpets definitely look so much better! thanks Hubby!), then it was off to the library to drop off a few movies and books and let Toddler pick out a handful more. Then we stopped at the bank to put in some money, and headed home. I do need to go to the store for diapers, but since I'm not sure how much money we have available for that right now it'll have to wait. Now I need to make the bed, do a few dishes, and hopefully catch a nap. I work at 5, but only a few hours today. I'm still sick and sniffling, it's time to take some more medicine.

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