Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Tuesday To-Do

Here's my to do list for today:

* Do dishes

* Fold laundry

* Go to bank to deposit $$$

* Schedule a chiropractor appointment

* Keep Baby happy

* Pick up toys

* Work at 5

Don't really have much to do today. I really need to call the chiropractor and get in soon, since my back is hurting so bad and we have a little money so I can go. Then I just have a little cleaning to do. I might try to take a nap with Baby.


Lorie said...

Good luck getting everything done! I love the chriopractor when my neck hurts, know what you mean about need ing to go.

Sandra said...

Sounds like you're going to be real busy, hope you get everything done :)

Dawn said...

GL with getting a nap, I know that's my most important part of the day :) Sorry your neck is hurting, what happened?

Kara said...

Dawn- my back has had problems for a long time which got worse after a car wreck 3.5 yrs ago, I used to go to the chiro every month but haven't since we moved cuz our insurance doesn't cover it. So it is way out of place, especially my upper back, and just hurts no matter what I do.