Thursday, March 15, 2007

I feel the urge...the urge to splurge

I absolutely love a good sale. I pretend not to because I don't like spending money we don't have, but in reality those "Clearance!" "Sale!" "Great Deal!" and "50% Off!" signs get my heart pounding. When I opened the Smith's ad yesterday and saw they were having a big sale on cases of food I about jumped in the car and raced down there. Instead I played it cool. Later, when we were out at WalMart getting diapers, Hubby wanted to go see if they had any good deals on soda. I nonchalantly suggested, "Smith's has some kind of sale where you can get 4 12packs for $9. They are having a big sale for cases of stuff." So that led to heading over there to just "check it out". Well, it was even better than I imagined! If there's anything I like more than office supplies and little miniature products (like those little travel sized bathroom stuff lol), it's big cases of products on sale, and they were everywhere! Bags of sugar, cans of chili, boxes of macaroni and cheese! Beautiful piles of stacked boxes as far as the eye could see! And even better, it was stuff we actually need and use! Too often sales are only on stuff we never buy, but this time we hit the grocery jackpot. We left with $210 worth of stuff for...ready for it?...get this...$98!!! We saved over 50%! My spending urge has been satisfied for the time being.


Michelle said...

SCORE!! That's a lot of money you saved! I love a good deal too. So is this a bad time to tell you about the great sales at Kmart? ;)

Crazy Working Mom said...

Wow, what a GREAT deal!
You rock!!!