Wednesday, March 07, 2007

Broken Glass

I used to like writing poetry in high school. Looking back on it, it's probably not that good lol, but I liked putting my feelings down in symbolic words. This is a poem I wrote, probably when I was around 16, during a minor depression I went through, I was almost suicidal so it's kind of dark. Luckily I never feel suicidal anymore, I have too much to live for. :)

Broken Glass

What is there for us but pain;
dreams broken and unfulfilled?
Tears for loss or tears for joy
we all cry.

Confusion and shadows surrounding us,
filling us with broken glass,
cutting our souls unmercifully until
we all die.

Disappointment snaps at us from all sides
tearing at our hopes, we bleed;
life pouring from our bloodshot eyes.
Ashes to ashes.

Will they remember your sadness,
your despair of beauty and love?
Flowers bloom over untended graves
and they forget.

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