Thursday, September 20, 2007

Thankful Thursday

Today I am thankful for Michelle who is going to watch my boys while I have an eye appointment, she's even taking them to storytime along with her 2, alone, she's brave! I'm thankful that I finally went to the eye dr and got new contacts (I'd been wearing the same one for at least 6 months!) and after this appt I will have a pair of backup glasses. And very thankful that after today we will have 2 doctor bills paid off, including the one from when Hubby hurt his thumb way back in February.

What are you thankful for today?


Stacey said...

Yay for good friends and it's so nice to get bills paid off!

Dawn said...

Yay for new contacts! Kevin wears his super long too, the eye dr couldn't get him in for his follow up to his contact fitting for a few weeks and they were like "oh but your trial pair of contacts will go bad" and Kevin just laughed, they didn't want him to wear them for more than 2 weeks.

Have you used that contact solution plus case Clear Care? It's done WONDERS for extending the life of Kevin's contacts, it is this little case that heats up the solution and causes it to bubble and REALLY clean the lenses...Kevin LOVES it and now the $125 worth of contacts our insurance gives us each year, really does last a year!

Kara said...

I've never heard of that clear care stuff, sounds cool. I always wear mine way longer than I should, I just forget about them lol.

Emily said...

Oh you are not the only one that doesn't change them as often as needed. I wear my longer then they should. I got a 6 month supply and I know they have lasted me longer then 6 months. Anyways congrats on getting those bills paid always such a stress relief!!