Monday, September 24, 2007


I have never liked working outside of the home. It always seems to be to stressful to be worth the meager $5.50 an hour my unqualified experience gets me. So when I learned about making money blogging I thought it would be perfect for me. It's easy, fun, and I don't have to do any manual labor. Cuz I'm allergic to manual labor you know. I recently learned about paid blogging through Smorty. Actually the first reason I wanted to check it out is because of the name, Smorty, it's just fun to say lol. But that's not all of course, let me tell you a bit about Smorty. With Smorty you can get paid to advertise on blogs. Smorty brings together bloggers and advertisers to create a great marketing opportunity. All us bloggers do is write an opinion post about an advertisers site and we get paid. Of course I love this, it's easy work for me because I love to write anything in my blog and for just a few minutes of work I get paid more than I did per hour working fast food. At Smorty you get at least $6 per post, which can increase as you get more experience, PR, quality work, etc. I'm really excited to start working through them, I love paid blogging!

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