Sunday, September 23, 2007

Make them stop!

Holy cow our kids are driving us nuts today! Neither of them want to nap. We've been trying to get them to sleep for 3 hours! I don't know where they got so much energy but if Toddler doesn't go to sleep soon I'm thinking of coming up with some type of straight jacket to keep him still for a bit. I think Hubby finally got Baby to sleep. We also spent a few hours rearranging our living room and that was hard work, especially since I think I've gotten tendinitis in my right thumb so it was hard for me to help, and I'm just a wimp lol. Dinner will be done soon so I better go.


Dawn said...

I feel your pain (about napping, not the thumb, OUCH!)

Misty DawnS said...

Sounds like things were crazy at your place! I hope that you got them both to sleep and had a little down time!

Kara said...

Toddler never did take a nap, at least he went to bed great and is still asleep at 7:30am. (They normally are up by 7am) We got Baby to nap though.