Wednesday, September 05, 2007

To clean or not to clean

I really should be doing some cleaning while the kids are being good. Toddler is napping and the other two are being quiet and good. I just know that if I do start cleaning Baby will come try to "help" me. When I do dishes he tries to help unload, whether they are clean or not. When I sweep or vacuum the floor he likes to follow along picking up lint, batteries, spilled food, and garbage and trying to put them in his mouth. As I put toys away he takes them back out and dumps them all over the floor. Silly boy. And I can't get him to nap today either. He normally naps around 11am and again in the evening, but so far he just won't sleep. So I figure since it's worthless to clean with him awake, I might as well put it off until Hubby gets home to run defense for me.

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