Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Luvs Bear Hug Stretch Diapers

I was recently contacted to try out and review the LUVS New Bear Hugs Stretch Diapers. Of course I said yes, because who turns down free diapers? With 2 little kids in diapers I gladly accepted. I figured they'd send just a few for me to try but they actually sent a whole pack of size 4 diapers. Now, I have tried Luvs before but didn't like that the waist wasn't stretchy, so I figured these would be about the same. Boy was I wrong! These diapers were great! Here's a breakdown of the three main aspects of these diapers- stretch/fit, absorbency, and smell factor.

Stretch/Fit- My boys have skinny legs so most diapers don't fit well around the legs, these were a bit better, not perfect but fit pretty well. Though if I'd gotten a size 3 they probably would have been perfect on Baby, the 4 was a bit big. Overall the leg fit wasn't too bad though, no leaky messes. And the new stretchy waistband was awesome! It was so stretchy! I loved how easy it was to get them to stay on my skinny boys' waists, even standing up! And the tabs were strong and durable.

Absorbency- Super super absorbent. Seriously, these babies can hold a ton! Normally with the brand we regularly use, if I don't change Toddler first thing in the morning he will get leaks running down his legs. I decided to test the absorbency of Luvs by leaving a diaper on Toddler all day. (Disclaimer: I do not like leaving kids in diapers all day, it's gross and just plain mean, this was strictly scientific study lol.) So he wore that diaper all day, and not a single leak! It was full and heavy, but not a drop escaped. They have a leakguard center to help hold in the leaks.

Smell Factor- These Luvs diapers are scented. It was great for masking normal diaper odors, I couldn't even tell if a diaper was stinky until I changed it. But it seemed to have too much perfume, at times it was annoyingly strong. Plus Baby has slightly sensitive skin and started to get a rash from all the perfume stuff in the diaper. I would probably prefer an unscented version of this diaper.

So overall these diapers were awesome! I would definitely recommend them to anyone with kids in diapers. I give them 4 1/2 flowers!


Lorie said...

Howw did you get them to contact you? That sounds great, I read about someone else who did that.

Dawn said...

We used Luvs with Justin from about 1 until 2.5. He's not sensitive to scents so I liked the way it covered the stink! LOL But younger and once he got older the legs were huge issues for us. And the amount they held, especially overnight. I probably won't give them a try until Jayden's over 1 again this time (perfumes and leg issues being my reasons LOL) but I'll definately try them again. Thank goodness the waist is getting better!! LOL

Kara said...

Lorie- they just contacted me, guess they were just looking randomly through blogs that mentioned kids and diapers.

Dawn- yeah, the waist on the regular ones was what kept me from using Luvs, I kept getting messes up the back, but these are so much better!

Stacey said...

I think Luvs are great with leaks but the scent is a bit too strong.