Sunday, May 13, 2007

Wonderful Mother's Day

This has been a really nice Mother's Day. Yesterday Hubby let me sleep in while he took the boys out to breakfast and to play at the mall. Last night he gave me a dozen white roses, my favorite. Then today at church all the mothers were given a copy of "The Testaments" movie and a Symphony bar, mmm. After church Hubby gave me a very sweet card, and had even helped Toddler sign it too. And he gave me a beautiful photo album, since I don't scrapbook and have been wanting an album to store pictures in.

All together this has been a great Mother's Day. I even got a little nap, the weather is beautiful and Hubby's helping with dinner.


Michelle said...

My mom and I are jealous of your Symphony bar. lol I'm glad you've had a great day! You deserve one.

Dawn said...

Sounds like a wonderful Mother's Day!! Happy Mother's Day!

Kendra said...

You did have a great mother's day weekend! I spent the whole time driving from town to town. Oh well, we'll celebrate at a later time I guess.