Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Works-For-Me Wednesday: Online Bill Paying

Ok, this is just really short and simple cuz I completely forgot what I was really going to write about today lol. Online bill paying is a lifesaver! Most of our bills can be paid online at the company's website, saving time and money for stamps, envelopes, etc. Plus you can check your balance, due dates, etc easily. I have all my online bill sites bookmarked for easy access and it takes about 5 minutes to pay my bills. Making life easy works for me!

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for the encouragement to do this. I'm living in two states with all my bills coming to one address so this would probably be wise for me so I don't miss anything.

Lorie said...

We have a lot of bills online we pay! Recently, our electric company closed there doors, now you have to pay online or mail it in in time, just so much easier to pay online!

Hey, I tagged you for another meme.

Kendra said...

I just started online bill pay a couple of months ago. Honestly, it took a long time to set it up, but now that it is up and going, it was DEFINITELY worth it! I love how you can save money on stamps and how you can schedule payments. It is a lifesaver!