Wednesday, May 09, 2007

3 under 3

I am actually really enjoying my babysitting job. I get to stay home with my boys and cuddle a cute baby. The boys really have taken well to Little Baby, Toddler just keeps saying how cute he is, and Baby seems to think it's funny that there's someone smaller than him in the house. Little Baby gets kind of fussy from gas but besides that he is really an easy baby, just eats and sleeps. Reminds me of when Toddler was a baby, he was easy like that, then Baby came along and was the opposite lol. Of course I'm not dealing with waking up with Little Baby every 2 hrs at night, so I guess I have it a little easier than his mom lol. But it really makes me feel better about the idea of taking care of 3 of my own kids, whenever we decide to have another (and by "we" I really mean Hubby, cuz I already want another, just waiting for him lol). Well, off to feed and change kids :)


Michelle said...

That's so nice he's a good little baby. I love how you call him Little Baby, so cute. :D Hopefully we can come over and see him soon.

Are you all better today?

Kara said...

Yep, we are better today :) You can come over any time you want! This week is supposed to be really nice, you should bring the girls over to play in the water when your finals are done

Kendra said...

I am so glad to hear that your babysitting job is working out! It is WONDERFUL practice having another little one around the house. (especially since he's a baby). Now all you have to do is convince your husband that he wants another :)

Anonymous said...

I always wanted 6 children and my husband only wanted 2.

I became pregnant 5 weeks after having the first. I have to say that being pregnant for 2 years with the exception of 5 weeks sure cured me. I would tell people yes you are right I found out I was pregnant in Sept. 1991 and was finally non-pregnant in May 1993.

People would always look at me like I was weird. Why would you do something like that. Good ?

My hubby and I made it through challenging two's with no major mishaps.

Do you know it never occurred to either of us that WE WOULD HAVE TWO TEENS in the house AT THE SAME TIME!

I live in a house full of hormones galore and an empty fridge. My kids all they do is open the door and breathe in...NO FOOD!

Enjoy these times ladies :)

Lorie said...

Sounds like you are enjoying your new job! :)