Saturday, May 26, 2007

Time flies when your running late

Being late runs in Hubby's family. If they say they will be somewhere at a certain time I mentally prepare for them to be at least an hour late, and I'm usually right lol. I don't really mind them being late cuz I'm used to it now, I just tell them to be here an hour earlier than they need to be and it works out great lol. But Hubby also carries the trait, and I HATE being late. Or leaving rate, running late, being rushed, etc. It makes me start getting twitchy and irritable.

We are going up to the inlaws for a bbq and it starts at noon. It takes an hour to get there so we could leave at 11 and be fine. I like being early and the kids like visiting so I told Hubby we could leave earlier. This morning he says we will leave at 10:30. Well, I'm sitting here at 10:27 and I don't even know where he is. He had to get something from the store but I know he's back cuz the car's here, but I don't know where he is, probably out in the yard doing something. I can feel myself getting irritated. Oh well, I guess I'll go make sure the diaper bag is ready to go in case we ever leave.


Michelle said...

Sorry that's so irritating. Looks like you found him and it wasn't too much later. Have a fun time!

Crazy Working Mom said...

So, what time did you make it out?

My hubby is THE SAME way! I always tell him an earlier never hurts to be early when you're going somewhere.
He took our daughter to the dr on Friday. The appt was at 10:30. I told him to be there at 10. He got there at 10:05. They got her right back, and she was seen by the dr and outta there before her scheduled appt. So, sometimes it pays to be early!

Kara said...

We finally left around 11:15 lol. I like getting to Dr appts early too, I've done that where we've been seen and done before the actual appt was scheduled :)