Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Potty Training

I've been reading a lot of posts about potty training lately and reading the comments and tips. So yesterday I just got it into my head to start Toddler. I decided bribery and lots of praise would work best for him, because reason sure doesn't. So I told him if he went on his potty he could get a sticker and when he gets 5 stickers he gets a sucker. I let him run around most of the day with no diaper. It started out fairly well, but by the end of the day he kept begging for a diaper. But still he went on his potty 5.5 times (the other .5 didn't quite stay in the potty) and only once on the floor. So he got 5 stickers and a sucker. Today is not going so well. He's peed on the floor twice and none in the potty. And I need some new bribes cuz he's already tired of stickers and suckers.


Michelle said...

Darn it, and he was doing so well yesterday. :(

Dawn said...

I swear by the underwear (one pair) a day method - if still in those SAME, DRY underwear after dinner - Justin got ice cream...I know it's kind of cold there, maybe in a week or two it'll be warmer? Or another dessert? I bought the first few from the ice cream man and then switched to Otterpops which are like nothng as far as sugar goes, just ice really. Not to mention cheaper.

Whenever Justin peed/pooped in his underwear - I would put a diaper on him and tell him, "I'm sorry, when you wake up tomorrow, we'll try again."

My reasoning - 1) No poop/pee on the floor, alot harder to clean up! 2) It's kind of hard to get them to go wearing underwear when they've naked-trained.

Good luck!!! PT is the hardest thing to teach a kid!!!

Dawn said...

Oh I also wanted to mention, we bought a different brand/type of diaper for him at nights/naps and told him he could wear those to bed - having to remember not to pee in his sleep stressed him out, so I figure eh, as long as he doesn't leave for his mission in Good Nights, I'm ok with it!

Kara said...

See, I don't know how well undies would work for him since we use cloth diapers so he's already used to the feel of wet cloth. And he would be more than happy with me putting a diaper on him instead lol, which is what I want to avoid :D Thanks for the help though :) I might bribe him with ice cream or dessert