Thursday, May 03, 2007

I think he does it on purpose

How come when I want to sleep in Baby wants to get up early, but when I have to get up early, Baby sleeps late?! I don't get it! Normally he's up by 7m every morning. But today I had to get up to shower and get ready to go, and at 8:15 he is still asleep! It's so not fair! Oh well, it helps me be able to get ready without having to worry about him :)


Stacey said...

Brayden does that too,it makes me crazy!! Today was nice though,we all slept in until 8:30. :-)

Kendra said...

Oh yes, Kara, I have been there too. I remember one morning I was banking on my daughter waking up early to drive to Des Moines (2 hours away). I didn't want to wake her up and she ended up sleeping until 8:15 as well. Why is it always the days we want them to get up that they decide to sleep in. It's like they know!