Friday, May 11, 2007

That Darn Cat!

OK, so miraculously my tomato seedlings are sprouting great, despite my Hubby's attempt to drown them and Toddler's attempt to dump them down the drain. But I really don't mind, they are just trying to help and only killed off 3-4 sprouts (thank heavens I planted 18!).

But what really irks me is my dang cat. We have 3 cats and I think I only like one of them. Stars is great, cute and fluffy and cuddly. The only thing she does to bug me is chews up my hair elastics. Colors poops in the basement, trips me on the stairs and I could kill her some days, 'nough said.

And then there's Stripes. I swear she purposely tries to make me angry. Maybe she's suicidal. It took her longer to learn to use the litter box, she was always pooping everywhere. She finally learned, but she still hasn't learned that it is NOT ok to jump on the table during dinner and stick her face in your food. Even Toddler has learned to yell "No cat! Down! Cat! No!"

And that brings us back to the main point of this whole post. Stripes has decided I put my little seedlings on the counter for her to snack on. 3 times now she's bitten off some leaves. The first time I forgave her after a friend told me they would still be okay as long as the roots weren't damaged. The 2nd time I walked in to see leaves ripped off, I had to count to 10 then threw her in the storage room so I wouldn't kill her. Then yesterday, I walked in to catch her in the act. She saw me and froze with that deer in the headlights look. She knew I was mad. Of course me yelling "Stupid cat, I'm going to kill you!" might have clued her in. She did a mad dash off the counter, into the living room, back into the kitchen, under the table, and then upstairs finally, with me clumsily chasing her, kicking my feet, screaming, and tripping over the dang baby gate 3 times(it's between the living room and kitchen). I bet she got a good laugh out of that.

So now I have to keep the blinds down, blocking them on the windowsill so she can't get to them. I swear I'll be happy if 1/2 of my seedlings make it to the day they can be planted outside, and I'm sure half of those will probably be killed by my black thumb. And you know what I'm going to do with the first tomato that grows? Throw it at that darn cat!

(Photo above is not my actual cat or plant)

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