Saturday, April 26, 2008

Wii Love It

So last night I gave in and let Hubby buy a Wii. Only because we actually had the money for it right now and he'd won a Best Buy gift card at work. He didn't end up buying it from Best Buy because there shipment comes in tomorrow and he didn't want to break the Sabbath. Instead he bought a new one from an online classified and went to Best Buy to get a second controller. Then Monday he's going to Best Buy to buy the new Mario Kart to go with it. I'm very excited for that, we love Mario Kart. Right now we have the Wii Sports game that came with it, and Wii Play that came with the other controller. We've been playing lots of tennis and it is a ton of fun. And today my right arm is so sore! I'm not used to this much workout with me arms. And the boys LOVE it. They have no idea what they are doing and aren't at all good, but they have fun doing it anyway.


Emily said...

We love ours and it has gotten great use. We enjoyed playing Mario Galaxy and Zelda, Twilight Princess (not sure of its exact name). You will have to let me know how mario kart is, We are always looking for something new to play.

Anonymous said...

Mario Kart is awesome. I bet it will be a blast on Wii!!