Saturday, April 05, 2008

Clogged Drain

Today Jakey got on my bathroom counter and started shoving things down the sink drain. My mother-in-law ended up taking it apart for us cuz Hubby thought it would be too hard (this is the same guy who has spent hours today out fixing a sprinkler pipe in the cold dirt lol, but unscrewing a sink pipe was too difficult). There were 2 toothbrushes, my tweezers, and Hubby's class rings in there. I''m glad my watch (that I don't wear lol) didn't get shoved down there too, not that we have luxury watches but that drain was gross and I wouldn't want my pretty watch clogged with gunk. And I am just glad my toothbrush didn't get shoved down there lol, I would've just thrown it away. Oh, and he tried to put a drinking glass down there too, but ended up dropping and breaking it in the sink. What fun that kid is :D

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