Tuesday, April 01, 2008


My kids always slept better as babies when they were swaddled. Jason loved it and he was swaddled until he outgrew all the blankets, I think around 6 months old. Jakey hated it. Although he slept better he just did not like being all wrapped up and always managed to wriggle his way out. I would wrap him in a receiving blanket then in a Swaddle Me blanket, with a safety pin to keep it closed, and at 2 months old he would still wriggle his way out. I finally gave it up around 4 months old with him. I always wanted to try one of those special swaddle blankets that people swore by.

My friend Amanda is having a giveaway for an adorable baby swaddling blanket and gift certificate from Ju Ju Beane Boutique. I'd love to get this very cute swaddle blanket.

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Michelle said...

My girls are similar to your boys. Miss J was swaddled all the time and loved it while Miss A, not so much. I've heard about those blankets but have never tried them. If you get one, you'll have to let me know how it works. :)