Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Stupid computer

Man, my computer really annoys me sometimes. A few months ago we went through a time where it wouldn't load pages or pictures most of the time. Eventually we got it taken care of so it worked fine, but now it's doing it again. It started a few days ago and I have to keep reloading pages to get them to load, and a lot of pictures just won't load at all. It is so annoying. What's the point of having cable internet if it takes just as long to load a page as it would if I had dial-up? :P I really think it's a problem with Vista or our wireless adapter. We also have the problem that usually once a day the internet just stops working and we have to restart the whole laptop to get it to work again. Not cool when I'm in the middle of something online.

The one good thing about this problem- my house is getting cleaner :D

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Michelle said...

I hear you, in the 21st century, slow computers stink! I hope it fixes itself soon. What a pain. :P