Friday, April 11, 2008

What's in a name?

So here's a funny story about me :D Last year I was thinking of getting family members personalized gifts, so I was looking at Etsy shops (I think?) and just searching for stuff with their names on them, like shirts or purses or whatever. My little sister's name is Kelsey. After an hour of looking at stuff with her name on it though, her name started to look really weird like it does when you say a word a lot and it just sounds funny. Well, I began second guessing if that was really her name! LOL, I was so confused because I'd been looking so long that it just didn't even sound like a real name. I even started asking myself, "Wait, is that her name?! What else would her name be?" LOL! I don't know what else I thought her name might be, Delsey, or Kiley, or something lol. I told Hubby about it later that day and he just laughed at me. Anyone else ever done something so silly?


Amanda said...

your funny Kara! How are you? I haven't tlaked to you in forever!!

Lorie said...

No, but my sister bought me this really cute purse with my initals on it. I got engaged right before she ordered it and she still gave it to me even though I got married a month and a half later. That poor purse did not get used much.