Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Keep out

I'm thinking I need locks on every door in my house to keep the boys out of things. Especially the bathrooms. They get in there and dump out bubble bath, flush whole rolls of toilet paper down the toilet, stick toothbrushes in the sink drain, etc. It drives me nuts! I also have a cupboard in my room for personal items (babydolls, lingerie, etc) that they love getting into and strewing around. Not fun when company comes over and I suddenly realize some lacy underthing is laying out. We already have to have locks for the pantry, fridge, and most of the kitchen cupboards and I really wish we had locks for the dishwasher and stove. They get into everything! Today they have kept getting into the closet in the nursery/Jakey's room. It's full of baby stuff and they keep getting it out and making a mess. I don't know any way to lock it either, unless I try tying the knobs together. Sigh. Kids are so curious.

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