Monday, April 21, 2008

Shoe Adventure

So Saturday we went shoe shopping for jason. First we stopped at Payless. They were having a buy 1 get one 1/2 off sale so we were going to get both boys new shoes. we found a pair that Jason just loved. He put them on and started doing some little funny break dancing and was so excited, telling me, "Mom, look! I can dance in my new shoes!" It was so cute. But. We went to the section that was Jakey's size and there were no sneakers in his size. A bunch of sandals but that's not what we wanted. So we had to break Jason's heart and put his shoes back and headed to Target. That was even more of a bust. They had nothing for a good price in either boys' size. So we decided we would go home and try again another day. The boys were not happy with that plan. On the way home though we decided to stop at another Payless to see if they maybe had what we needed. And luckily we didn't disappoint the boys again. The store had those shoes that Jason loved in both boys' sizes. All Jason has been able to talk about since then is his new "big shoes" and he excitedly tells everyone about them. Funny boy.

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Heather H said...

I found your blog off of Dawn's, I so hope she does a book signing in SLC! And hooray for new shoes!