Tuesday, April 15, 2008

It's that time!

So today is the deadline to file your taxes! Who out there is rushing around to get them finished in time? Not me! We got our federal return done in February and used up all that money already, paying bills and stuff. And last week we mailed off the $23 we owed to Idaho. So we are all done until next year. We were a bit disappointed in our refund this year, but it was because we had almost $20k in untaxed money we received from my paid blogging and money Hubby won, and we had to pay the taxes for all that. I was actually afraid we'd end up owing, but thanks to our two cute little tax credits we got a little return. And next year will be better cuz we will have another cute little credit, and it's doubtful that Hubby will win $10k again this year lol.


Anonymous said...

Dang, girl you made $10K blogging?! That's awesome!

We got ours in the mail today. We ended up getting a little bit back, but thought we were going to have to pay. Whew!

Kara said...

Actually I made about $6500 blogging, the other $3k was from babysitting Little T. :)