Monday, April 28, 2008

Menu Plan Monday

Happy Monday everyone! Welcome to Menu Plan Monday from Organizing Junkie.I love having a weekly menu plan to follow. It makes my life so much easier. And it's not set in stone either. If something comes up or we decide to switch it around a little that's fine. But overall it works wonders and I am much better at getting good dinners on the table. (OK, Hamburger Helper may not classify as a "good dinner" but it's better than having nothing and just eating donuts and hot chocolate or fast food lol).

Here's is what we are having this week:

Monday- Pork Chops for Hubby, Hot dogs for me and the boys

Tuesday- Baked Potatoes with Chili

Wednesday- Hamburger Helper

Thursday- Stuffing Casserole

Friday- Leftovers

Saturday- Hamburgers

Sunday- Lasagna

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