Thursday, April 24, 2008

Still a metal mouth

So I had an orthodontist appointment today. I have to drive almost 2 hours there and then back, which usually really stinks. Today wasn't too bad though, the boys slept most of the ride there, behaved during the appointment, and were good on the ride home thanks to the 30 miles of road work that provided lots of eye candy ("tractors!") for the boys. I also brought snacks and water to help me pass the time. And the appointment wasn't too bad. There is one tooth that we are having trouble getting moved. We are trying one more time and if it doesn't work then we are going to call it quits on that tooth which means I'd be done sooner. I'm not sure if I now hope it finally works so we get that tooth taken care of, or hope it doesn't so I can get these dang things off sooner! Either way, I'm really hopeful that they will be off by the end of the year. After 2.5 years, what's a few more months?

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