Saturday, April 19, 2008

Too much junk

Ugh, we have had too much candy in this house lately. First there was Easter, then there were the after-Easter candy sales. Then Cosco had a coupon for boxes of candy bars so of course we had to buy one, and picked up a giant bag of M&Ms with it. Then last week Albertson's had some sales on cereal and fruit snacks and stuff and Hubby got us 3 boxes of Gushers (Mmmm, yummy!) and 3 boxes of fruit snacks. In 5 days they have all been eaten (mostly by me, I admit). I'm going to need some orovo detox pills or something at this rate! I really am trying to eat better, and at least I am drinking more water, it's just hard when nothing sounds good and I need to eat a quick snack lol.

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