Monday, April 14, 2008

Um, ouch!

So I may have underestimated the extent of our sunburns. Except for Jason. Because Jason kept his jacket on half the time we were out, he has no burn at all, not even his face or ears. Poor little Jakey looks like he painted his face pink and his forearms are red too. And my arms are burning! They hurt so bad and are bright red, doesn't help when Jakey wanted to lay in my lap and kept wiggling around in my arms. I'm sure my face is a little burnt too. Serves me right for forgetting sunblock. I will definitely be slathering myself and the boys before we are out that long again. At least I won't have to worry about doing that tomorrow, because it's supposed to be in the 40's with a chance of snow. Yep, after our beautiful day in the 70's and sunny, we might have snow tomorrow. Stupid weather. But at least this weekend is supposed to get sunny and warm again.

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