Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Weight off my shoulders

Before we found out we were having twins I had planned to continue taking classes next semester, and just cut back to 1 or 2. Since finding out there were 2 babies I've been debating what to do, especially since they should be born right around the beginning of the semester. We were going to try to make it work, but after thinking it over carefully and getting the advice of other twin moms, I decided that it will just be too much stress to go next semester so I'll be taking a break. And I feel so much better having decided that. It's going to be hard enough taking care of two babies without adding in schoolwork. That one issue was really stressing me out because I know I'm already exhausted taking 3 classes and it would just be harder with newborns. Now hopefully with a little less stress I will be able to sleep better and stop worrying about finding acne treatment cream to clear up my stress-induced breakouts. Still have to get through the next month and a half of classes, but so far so good. I actually looked up some of my grades and I have the highest score in my CIS class with 99.5%, and my COMM grade is around 98.6% so far. I don't know about my English score, I emailed the teacher to see how I'm doing, but it should be pretty good since I always get my assignments done on time and have done well so far with my papers. Anyway, even doing good it's still stressful, so it'll be nice to take a break from it for a bit.

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