Saturday, October 30, 2010

Aching neck

My neck is killing me. Well, my whole body is killing me at this point lol, but my back and neck have always given me issues. Especially since getting in a car wreck in 2003. The worst is that my neck gets out of alignment and pinches a nerve, giving me a migraine. Typically if I can get into a chiropractor soon that helps get rid of it. Of course most of the time that happens it's a weekend when my chiro isn't in office. So what I do for migraine relief when that happens is take some extra strength Tylenol with a Mtn Dew if I have to be up taking care of kids, or if Hubby's home I go take a hot bath and lay down in my dim room. I wish our insurance covered more chiro visits. We only get 10 per year, which means I can't even go once a month. I loved our chiro when we lived in Logan, especially while I was pregnant. It's such a big help for my back and neck when I can go in regularly.

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