Sunday, October 17, 2010

Gardening with latex gloves

The second product I received from Care Cleaning and Protection was some latex gloves. Now that may not seem exciting to some of you, but to me it was lol. I've actually been meaning to buy some latex gloves for awhile and always forget. There's always some yucky cleaning job I need to do but don't want to get my hands dirty. Such as bathrooms. But of course I already made a video cleaning one bathroom, and who really wants to watch someone clean two bathrooms? So I tried to think of something else I've been wanting to use latex gloves for. Now, this may seem odd to you, but I decided to try it out when digging up my potatoes a few weeks ago. I don't like gardening gloves because I'm always afraid spiders will have crawled in them (yuck!) and because I can't feel what I'm doing. With digging up potatoes I wanted to be able to feel around for the potatoes without getting dirt shoved up under my nails and I figured that I may as well try these gloves out. Here's how it went:

As you can see, they didn't quite hold up. But I'm pretty sure that was because of my long fingernails lol. I always have that problem with latex gloves, my nails eventually poke through them. But it was only on a few of the fingers and the rest of my nails remained dirt free, plus I was able to feel for the potatoes to dig up. I didn't realize, but my camera cut off after just a minute so you don't get to see the tiny little potatoes I dug out. You didn't miss much, they were pretty pathetic lol. But I'm glad I have these gloves now for the dirty projects (bathrooms!) that need cleaning.

*Disclaimer: I received a package of latex gloves for free to provide a video review and my honest opinion. I am compensated for this post.


Michelle said...

Look at how cute you are! :D Sorry the gloves didn't work for you. But you got a few potatoes out of the deal. :)

David said...

Sucks the gloves didn't work. But hopefully the potatoes were good. That would make it worth it.