Sunday, October 31, 2010


So last night we had a fun time taking the boys trick-or-treating. The weather was cold and rainy, but luckily it stopped really pouring by the time we went and was just a steady drizzle. First we went over to my mom's so she could see their costumes and give them big Hershey bars, then we came home and grabbed the umbrella and went out. We decided to just go up the little street by our house and back because of the rain, and that turned out just the right amount of time. By the last couple houses the boys were asking if we were done yet. And even though we probably went to less than 15 houses they still got plenty of candy. I've been trying to keep out of it more so I don't have to look up lipofuze reviews, and so far I've been good lol. I'm going to grab a few pieces of candy to snack on while I watch football. Once I get pics uploaded I will get a pic of the boys in their costumes posted. They were so adorable. Oh, and Nathan was so cute. After the first house he really caught on about getting candy just for holding out his bucket lol. He would hold it out and say "Tee-tee! Tee-tee!" and always said thank you. So fun.

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