Saturday, October 30, 2010

Sugar overload

Yesterday Hubby's work did their annual Halloween party for the families. It's not really a party, it's pretty much trick-or-treating around the offices in the building. It's always fun and they give out tons of candy. And they give good candy too! Stuff like licorice ropes, candy bars, etc. No cheapo taffies or those yucky Bit-O-Honey candies. I had the 2 extra kids I babysit with me so that was an adventure getting them all in their costumes and in the car to drive to Hubby's work. Then keeping track of them all as we walked through the building. Nathan's bucket was too small and so he kept dropping candy and the handle broke, but he wouldn't let me help him hold it because he thought I was trying to take it away lol. We finally got a grocery bag to dump his bucket into so he could carry it again. Of course, the rest of the night the kids were crazy from sugar overload. It was fun though. Because of the amount of candy we already have (and the fact it is supposed to be rainy this evening) we won't be trick-or-treating around the neighborhood for very long tonight.

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