Thursday, October 14, 2010

The extra expenses of fun stuff

The other day Hubby and I were talking about camping. I was saying that on our next trip to Bear Lake it would be fun to go a couple days early and camp before we go to the condo. But I decided that with two little babies that would not be much fun lol. We went camping once when Jason was a baby and it was a big pain. So I was saying that having a trailer would make it easier, but there's just too many expenses to go with it. Gas, water, sewage, towing (and a vehicle capable of towing lol), registration, etc. Just like if we had ATVs we'd need ATV Accessories like helmets. Some things would be fun to have, but with a limited income it's just too hard to justify so many extra expenses. So if we do ever go camping again we'll make do with our tents and sleeping bags and cooking over a fire. Of course who knows when that will be cuz I really do not want to camp with two little babies lol. Might be a long time before we get to go again.

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