Sunday, October 03, 2010

22 Weeks

Seriously, time just never stops and lets me catch up! I am so exhausted all the time. And I know it will just get worse and worse until the real torture begins lol. Other than the exhaustion I feel pretty good. A lady in my ward gave me some maternity clothes and a double stroller last week. I'm so thankful for it. I was getting low on pants that fit lol. And the double stroller is in good condition and works great. I failed my 1hr glucose test so I had to go take the 3hr test this past Friday. Hopefully I pass because I would just cry if I have to give up sugar for the next 4 months. No idea when my next actual checkup will be, they haven't bothered to schedule one for me, even though it's been 4 weeks. But I do have an ultrasound on Tuesday, yay! I'm excited to see my little babies again. And I hope I get some more pictures (it would be nice of Baby A to cooperate a bit better so we can get a good profile shot). I'm glad our printer is all-in-one so it has scanning software so I can share the pictures. :) These little boys are getting more active, it's so fun. Today I was sitting and watching my belly move around. I'm enjoying it now cuz I'm sure in a few months that I'll be crying in pain from the 2 of them moving around lol.

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Michelle said...

I'm glad to hear you've been getting some help with clothes and baby items! I loved your u/s pics of the boys. How often will get you an u/s? How did your glucose test go?