Friday, October 15, 2010

Stupid OB Appointment

So, I had my 24 week checkup this morning. Or, according to them 25 weeks and some days. But I don't go by their date cuz I know they are wrong. But will they listen? Nope. How would a simple girl who has been charting for 5 years know anything about when her body ovulates, especially compared to their high-and-mighty ultrasound machine (even though it can be up to 2 weeks off, but they don't acknowledge that). Anyway, sorry for the little rant, I just had the worst appointment and have been in a mood all day.

It started with me arriving at the clinic at 9:10. My appointment was at 9:30 so I figured if I got there early I might be seen on time. Unfortunately, no. They did acll me back at 9:45 and did the weight, blood pressure, etc. Then they stuck me in a room to wait. And wait. And wait a little longer. Finally at 10:40 (over an hour after my appointment time!) the doctor comes in. And I use the term doctor loosely. I'm sure if this guy just had to go into healthcare there's some healthcare it jobs that would have suited him much better than OB. For one, I'm a high-risk patient, and the clinic only does high-risk appointments on Friday mornings. So you would think they would at least have high-risk specialists there, right? This guy had absolutely no experience with twins so he could not answer any of my questions and gave me a little run around when I argued my due date with him about how it was actually better to have it early since I'll be going early anyway. Um, hello! How is that better?! That just means that when I do go early I'll be even earlier than they want to believe. For example, if they don't stop labor after 35 weeks and I go into labor at 33.5 weeks when they think I'm 35, then they wouldn't stop it and that could mean an extra week or two of NICU time for my babies. So, yeah, it is not better and makes a huge difference to me! I didn't even bother asking half my questions because I knew he wouldn't know. I'm pretty sure I know a lot more than him about twins.

He measured my belly (didn't tell me what the measurement was) and then left to find my last ultrasound report and I waited for another 15 minutes. Then he did a quick ultrasound to check the babies heart rates (which he didn't tell me those numbers either, heaven forbid I know anything they write in my chart) and it really seemed like he had no idea how to do an ultrasound. Mostly because both babies are obviously head down and he said one was breech. He even mentioned how their heads were right by each other, plus I can feel both kick and know where their feet are and both have been kicking up top.

Anyway, I finally get to leave at 11:40, having wasted 2.5hrs of my time. The only good that came out of it was hearing that I had passed my 3hr GTT and getting confirmation that Baby A is head down like I thought. I will not be going back to that clinic. I was only going there cuz it was closer than going up to the clinic at the hospital, but I'm going to call the hospital clinic and get transferred there, and see if they can get me in with a doctor there I've heard good things about.

So that is why my day got off to a crappy start. Luckily it has slowly gotten better and I expect it to keep getting better.

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Melissa said...

Sorry you had a bad experience at the clinic today. I hope the one you transfer to is better.